Fully Adjustable Shelving

These cherry book shelves were commissioned by a family in Northampton, MA, that decided it was time to retire the twenty-year-old temporary shelves they had been using. I decided to keep the shelves separate, as three pieces, to allow them to be used independently if their use of space ever changes. All six shelves are fully adjustable. The edges on the case sides have a slight bevel to give a light appearance. The top of the cases are joined with hand-cut dovetails, just to show off a bit, of course. The centerpiece of the shelves is the frame and panel backs with tongue and groove slats. It’s nice to have that bit of luxury peeking through here and there and as a hidden surprise when removing War and Peace. The strength added by a solid back is not a bad feature either. The bottom shelf is joined with a sliding dovetail. The shelves are finished with a rubbed varnish.