Flowing Curvature

This queen-size bed was commissioned by a wonderful family for a house in Northern Vermont. In a beautiful house on a lake in the woods, the master bedroom is large with high ceilings. The bed was designed as the centerpiece of the room. As the focal point, it gives the room more comfortable, cozy feeling. The flow of the curves and lack of straight lines visually guides the viewer around the piece.


The cherry slabs guided the design. I used the live edge of the pieces to create an eye-catching organic negative space in the headboard. There is a ton of curl in the headboard that shimmers and dances in the light. I always feel lucky when I’m able to highlight strong natural elements in the wood through their use and placement. The curves of the posts are echoed in curvature in the large cherry pieces that connect them. The rails that support the mattress are connected to the posts with removeable, square-pegged tenons. The bed is finished with a wiping varnish.